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Baptism and Membership


In the United Methodist Church, baptism is the sacrament that marks the beginning of the Christian life. It acknowledges the work of the God’s grace in the life of the one receiving baptism, no matter what their age. The UMC baptizes infants, as well as youth and adults. When infants or young children are baptized, a parent/guardian must profess their own faith and take vows to ensure that the child is taught the Christian faith. Those who have been baptized as a child will need at some point in their lives to claim the faith as their own through confirmation or professing their faith. Because God is the primary actor in baptism (we are only responding to and acknowledging the working of God’s grace in our lives), United Methodists do not re-baptize, although we do offer a ceremony of reaffirming our baptismal covenant (without water). If you have already been baptized at any age in any Christian denomination, we recognize that baptism. All baptisms are done as part of a regular worship service, except in emergency situations. Baptism as a youth or adult is done in conjunction with joining our church as a professing member. We recognize and practice any form of water baptism (sprinkling, pouring, or immersion). Contact the pastor to arrange for baptism.


We are not Christians in isolation. We need a community of believer to guide and support us on our journey of faith. Therefore, it is important that those who have faith in Christ have a church family. We invite you to profess your faith in Jesus Christ and to join our congregation. We offer full memberships and affiliate/associate memberships. You may become a full member by profession (or reaffirmation) of your faith (with baptism, or acknowledgment of your earlier baptism), by confirmation (youth classes), or by transfer from another congregation of any Christian denomination. Affiliate/Associate memberships are available for those who may split their time between two communities (winter residents or other temporary residents). Affiliate/Associate member retain their full membership status in their home church. All members profess their faith, and promise to support the church through their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Contact the pastor to arrange to publicly profess your faith and join the church.